August 25, 2011

Its OK Thursday! YES Its THURSDAY! YAY!

Its Ok Thursdays


-to want one of these cups from the monogram chick! Yes, I have several of these types of cups but NOT one is these personalized ones!
-for the random Red Bull from a co-worker this morning to make my day!

-to take a picture while driving of the rain drops on my to work so I won't forget what rain looks like

-to be VERY excited that there were NO tears when I took Channing to her new class at school today! FIRST day this week of no tears... makes this momma's day SO much better!

-to always refer to Thursday as Friday Eve

-to be oddly excited about our garagle sale Saturday morning. LOVE to clear out and clean up!

-to use the Starby's giftcard that the Dallas Morning News sent me for a delicious Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a shot of esspresso with NO intentions of signing back up :)

-to want people to sign up for Zulily under my referral link and then to buy something so I can get credit and but a SUPER CUTE outfit for Channy Lou Who... without paying full Zulily price for it... shameless plug and I dont care!

-to really WISH HOPE PRAY that I win a certain giveaway because then I wouldnt have to go buy myself a new purse :) THIS CERTAIN PURSE would hold it ALL. My stuff Channings stuff and more... heres to hoping!!!!!
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  1. I always say Friday eve too, makes it more exciting :) I've forgotten what rain looks like too :(