August 10, 2011

One Of THOSE Mornings!

Well.... This morning was one of THOSE mornings. A VERY stressful morning. Channing woke up VERY early. Had a breakdown and just stood in the door of the bathroom looking at me bawling. Lets just say she had a MAJOR diaper. These kind of mornings make it VERY hard for me to get ready on time because I have a sweet little one tugging at my legs, wanting to be picked up or just crying because she got up TOO EARLY and is super tired right around the time I NEED to hurry and get ready. All I really want to do on these mornings is be able to sit with her and calm her down and love on her. I did pick her up this morning and just rock her... she fell asleep on me and that NEVER happens anymore... it took everything inside of me to not call into work and just sit there until she woke up so I could hold her. I hate mornings like this... I feel like I have failed a little as a mom because I get rushed and frustrated because Channing is fussy and doesnt understand that we are on a timeline and need to get out of the house at a certain time. I don't always get to take the time to comfort her. Thankfully I know this is just a bump in the road of this week but it has made me sad this morning. Channing was able to cat nap in her crib until I got ready this morning. She was MUCH happier after that and she smiled on the way to school... that smile just makes me melt. Thankfully I know that God has already taken care of everything for today and that does give me comfort. It is just that I seem to forget that in times like this morning.

I am too blessed to be stressed... This is TRUE!

This morning... I totally forgot to be awesome.


  1. I sure hope your day gets better!

  2. Hmm sounds like my day yesterday. Oh the joys of being a momma! HANG IN THERE GIRLY!