August 4, 2011

Its OK Thursday!

My friend Neeley started a link up called IT'S OK THURSDAY SO I THOUGHT I WOULD PARTICIPATE! You should go link up too! It is fun and all the cool kids are doing it!!!!!!!!!!

Its ok...

-to yawn right after drinking a Red Bull (kinda Like Neelys falling asleep after coffee)
-to drink a glass of wine right after working out
-to eat one of your childs 'toddler mum mums' because you are SO HUNGRY on your way to work
-to use you daughter's baby shampoo because you ran out and forgot to buy some
-to eat ramen noodles for breakfast
-to wish for college football season to start just because it brings cooler weather
-to call tylenol 'night night juice' because of a teething toddler
-to wear sunglasses inside to pick up Channing from school because I spray tanned and took ALL makeup off
-to put things in your shopping cart online in hopes of one day actually buying it
-to look at Christmas card options 4 months in advance
-to wash the dishes we use in one day by hand because you don't want to unload and load the dishwasher


  1. i agree! it's ok! happy thursday! :)

  2. HAHA, love the last one! I've been known to do that before too!!

  3. Wine after a workout is fine! You've earned that glass :) Thanks for linking up!!

  4. OMG I put things in online shopping carts all the time ....sometimes i buy but usually they sit there haha