October 4, 2013

Yee Haw

Thank the good Lord above that it is Friday! I don't know why but it seems that this week has taken FOREVER and we are ready for some fun!
Today was Western Day at Channing's school and she was PUMPED!
I cant wait to go up to the school to help out and see all the little cowgirl's and cowboy's running around!
Look at that pose!

She wore her CowGIRL (as she corrected me the whole week) hat all over the house this week. 

Chandler had to go to Austin yesterday and so after I ran and got home it was girls night at soccer practice and at the house afterwards. 

Speaking of running... Look who is one of the sponsor's at this years DRC's Half!
Lakewood Brewing Co! I mean lets face it... that is reason enough to run. Free drinks afterwards!

Morning hugs with my little ballerina the other morning.
Nothing sweeter than a tiny dancer!

This weekend we have lots of fun planned. The Lot tonight with old college friends and kiddos. Then tomorrow our first Lake Highlands Octoberfest! Channing also has a soccer game but we are hoping it doesn't get rained out!! She gets pretty disappointed when that happens.
Happy weekend!

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