September 30, 2013


So we started this weekend with Channing getting over some allergies turned into cold slash cough and myself getting sick with said cold slash cough. I felt pretty terrible when all the medicine I was taking would wear off but we made it... I have a raspy voice now but hopefully will feel lots better very soon.

Channing had picture day Friday at WRN and I asked her to show me how she was going to smile...
She picked out her dress for pictures though!

Saturday morning we went to Eloise's birthday party at the park. It was in the morning and was so cute... Donuts and milk and crafts and well... the park. Doesn't get much better than that to 3-4 year olds! Channing plays soccer with Eloise and starting to make more friends in our new hood of Lake Highlands... I really need to get involved in more play dates but we are working on that. I just joined the ECPTA so I am hoping that will help both of us. 

Sunday we switched the guest room and Channing's room. She needed the bigger room and so we spent most of the day doing that. We ALL needed a little break Sunday afternoon so we made some chalk paint and tried a new local beverage.

So I realized I need to take more pictures... with our real camera and not just my phone...


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