October 16, 2013

Faux Model

I wanted to post all the pics of the 'modeling' I did for Katie Norris and FotoStrap taken by Sarah Kate Photography. Mostly because they are fun and I won't have them printed because we all know its weird to have pictures of yourself printed like this. Also, because I probably will not be asked to model again I wanted to have this as proof!


Again, if you are in the market for a camera strap for your fancy camera please consider checking this company out. They do LOTS and LOTS of good work for deserving people!

**ALL photos courtesy of Sarah Kate Photography**

You like this one? It is my specialty 'FAKE' laugh!!

Funny side note: I had NO CLUE how to hold a camera properly so I felt pretty awkward in some of them where I had to pretend I knew what I was doing!

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