May 10, 2012

Whoa Its Been A While

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Me and Channy Lou one morning I could snuggle with her ALL day!

My funny girl!

WOW what a beauty!

Snuggling with Bentley.... this made me laugh because it looks like I am bald....

Flossy flossy!

Why so serious!?

New Mint polish! Love it!

Our little artist! If you didn't notice those are a lot of Kangaroo's apparently!

Headed home from a fun school day!

She had my phone yesterday in the back seat and got on the camera... here is a few of her pictures!

Hoping to get our shower door put back on and fixed this week.... we've been showering in Channings bathroom and even for me it is a small shower! UGH!

My new Brooks.... Ive been running in Brooks since 2008 and love them.... we did get New Balance (bare Foot) running shoes but we are taking our time breaking them in... it is such a huge change!

The little princess this morning... cute dress sparkly shoes... perfect for Friday Eve!

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  1. I love the life is short buy the shoes one so true!!!

  2. LOVE Brooks!! They're the best! I think I've bought the exact same pair 3 times. Yours are cuter though- I may have to splurge on a pair after baby #2 gets here :)