May 4, 2012

Polish Swap Swag & Picture Dump

WOW.... I think the Polish Swap went great! My AWESOME swap partner Mandell (isn't that the coolest name?) went above and beyond for sure... you HAVE to go check our her blog Becoming Urban and tell her I sent you. You will love it I promise!

I found this little gem on my front porch!

My swag was packed up so cute!

Whoa look at all those sweet goodies!
TWO polishes some nail goodies....

AND some awesome running socks... does she know me or what?!?

This was SO fun and I hope all of you girls that participated had as much fun as Mandell and I did.... at least I think she had fun!!

PLEASE link up at the bottom of the page to REVEAL your Swap Swag!

Just a little pic of my girl in her DRAMA  QUEEN t-shirt... fits this little (BIG) personality quite well!

Random look alike request on Instagram... people have told me I look like a Brunette Rachel Zoe... I love her so I wish!

Took it back old school yesterday with AMP! Delish!

CUTE nail wraps that lasted all of 4 hours.... UGH! 

Channings first dentist appointment went very well! Look at how big she looks :(

She didnt have any cavities and she likes our sweet hygienist Jennifer!

Miss little SASS wanted her nails Painted! Thanks Mandell she ALSO loves the coral!

Me and my girl after our run yesterday... I stripped her down to her bloomers and I ran in shorts and a sports bra... why? because it is already over 90 degrees here.... this doesnt look good for summer temps!

Modeling another swimsuit getting ready for Saturday at the pool!
Happy Friday lovelies! We are running the White Rock & Roll ten miler tomorrow morning! PLEASE wish us luck!

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