May 15, 2012

Totally Tuesday!

Channing was VERY upset when we didnt have time to watch any Olivia this morning... This is her 'fit'!
I decided to wear two of my Grandma's rings today... sometimes I just like wearing her stuff... makes me feel like she is with me on those days! A good feeling!

Started the Bachelorette last night and it was going so slow... all the first episodes do... so I will finish it on DVR tonight... I dont really like her but of course I will watch... DUH! Also, I am two years OLDER than her.... what the heck... I certainly dont look like that now and I really didn't two years ago... people still assume I am a Teen Mom sometimes when I am at the grocery store with Channing. How do I know... if you saw the looks... you'd know too!

I LOVE anything Buffalo and these look so good!
I think I need this...

AND this! Def for the Fourth of July!!! I will be ordering this!

Coming up for Memorial Day Weekend... How good does this look!?

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