May 18, 2012

Weekend Guide

Last night I made a pinterest recipe! It turned out amazing and looked good on the plate too! It was Southwest Chicken Salad served on an Avocado. YUMMY! 5 stars for sure!

My big girl this morning!

Tonight our SWEET awesome friends Nick and Danielle are coming over to eat pasta with us because we are all running a 10k in the morning! We are trying to keep up on our running and they are the best friends to run with for sure.... the guys run well together and us girls run well together! Saturday night Chandler's cousin Ellie gets confirmed and we can't wait to see them. They recently moved to Florida and are coming back to their home church in McKinney to let Ellie get confirmed with her friends!

Sunday we will hopefully relax a bit and then head to the park for a picnic in the afternoon! ALSO already looking forward to next weekend in's like a tradition now! YAY!

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  1. Your pretty much super mom :) Hey I remember you saying a while ago your mom makes awesome bows- does she have an etsy site or anything? I'm expanding T's bow collection and thought I'd check your mom out :)