April 16, 2012

Weekend Happenings!

First I need to mention I bought this foundation for $3 and it is awesome! Loving it!

Friday night we had a blast hanging out with our Best Man Kirk and his little one! Adriana played so sweetly with Channing! She is 7 and just loved on Channing like she was her sister!

Saturday morning we ran 5 miles with our friends Nick and Danielle... We are running a 10 miles race May 5th and are pretty pumped!

Saturday afternoon we had a beer on the patio because it was pretty nice outside... Then our Channy joined us after her nap with some milk and 'cheers'd' us!

Chan being silly with her new Bunny.... Breen got it for her and she has named it TWO. Everything is TWO now that she has turned two!

I got my early birthday present! A ROOMBA!!!!! It is making its maiden voyage today while we are at work... I cant wait to see how it works!!

We ate dinner with my parents Saturday night at Luna De Noche and it was SOOO GOOOD!!!

Later that night I had a cocktail and did laundry! SO FAB!

Sunday while Chandler and Channing were heading back from a birthday and after I had attended a sweet friends Dad's funeral I went to the grocery store by myself! I got some goodies!

If you havent tried these you should! They are SO yummy and so are the cracked pepper and sea salt ones!

Me and my sweet girl this morning! Wer cant wait to see our friends this weekend and hang out together friday for her school fundraiser with Breen! YAY!

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