April 1, 2012

Little Gym & Our BIG 2 Year Old!

So our BABY is now 2! I refuse to say she isn’t a baby anymore… She is MY baby always!

She wanted an Oh-Wee-Oh party! We had it at The Little Gym… the best place on earth to have a 2 year old birthday party! They were great and the kids loved it! They even clean up afterwards! It is AWESOME! I will Let the MAJOR amount of pictures speak for themselves but I want to say how thankful we were that so many people came to celebrate our sweet girl! We are blessed beyond measure and are thankful every day that God has given us such a sweet amazing blessing named Channing Layne Balch! I am already planning next years party… Im thinking a bounce house… OH YA!IMG_4906IMG_4907IMG_4909IMG_4910IMG_4912IMG_4913IMG_4916IMG_4918IMG_4919IMG_4922IMG_4927IMG_4928IMG_4930IMG_4932IMG_4935IMG_4937


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  1. So adorable! Looks like the perfect place for a kiddo's bday party. Love the family photo at the end too :)