April 3, 2012

Awesome Products That Look Cool.... Kiddo Edition

These just look cool... wonder if they are as great as they look... I know someone who has one

and said their kiddo didn't even care for it... hummm seems cool!

Aden & Anais burb cloth/bibs were my FAVE.... They were super soft and worked as a burp

cloth but also had a button to snap and use as a bib... GREAT on the go and now they are making

crib sheets... I bet they are SO SOFT!

How did I just now find this? It is awesome... well seems awesome. Much better than the bulb

sucker BUT looks gross. Anyhow they have other products too that claim to help with gas and

colic problems. I will def remember this next kiddo. Channing had tummy problems... not bad

but enough that they hurt her and made us all feel bad :(.

1 comment:

  1. The Nose Frida is the greatest invention of my life. I mean that. It's above a hair straightener. Now that's saying somethin'.