April 5, 2012

Good Thursday!

We are SO looking forward to GOOD FRIDAY!!! We have lots planned! We are going to run around with my mom in the morning... go to a dr appointment for Channing (her BIG 2 year check up) and go eat lunch with my mom, my MIL and Chandler. Go back to the rents for C to nap and then run around a bit more hopefully! Tomorrow night Channing and I are excited to meet Chandler's side of the family friend Matt Downey from England. He is a big time ref and is over here for the Dallas Cup. He stayed with them a LONG time ago and they have all kept in touch! We are taking him to the Flying Saucer on the lake! Should be fun... I mean how could it not be with all the adult beverage choices?!

Channing had an Easter party at school and was so excited to take her eggs to hunt! Apparently she dominated the hunt... I am not surprised! Doesnt she look so cute in her white dress!

I totally slacked on making cupcakes for her party... I just didn't plan well enough with time and then I got tired etc... so we stopped by this morning to get cupcakes and these were way cuter than the ones I was going to make... WINNING!

And I stepped away from my desk and someone (later I found out it was our lawyer) put this article on my desk... They ALL know I love shoes around here! Too Funny!

Happy Thursday!

I hope you guys have a great Easter!

1 Peter 1:3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead... (NIV)
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