April 27, 2012


WHEW.... Yesterday morning started out ROOOUUUGGGHHHH (Will Ferrell's voice)

Everything was going GREAT.... Channing was going to be early to school and I was going to be 'on time' to work and we were happy happy happy. Then right when we went in to Channing's room to grab shoes all HELL broke loose. Sorry if this is TMI but there was PUKE everywhere. We both just stood there stunned and I looked around wondering what to do first! FAST FORWARD... cleaned up and ready to go again because I was thinking someone drank her milk too fast we headed to school/work. OH was I wrong! Poor girl got sick again a few times on the way in the car (insert AWESOME) and we turned right around and went home. Cleaned up AGAIN and snuggled for the rest of the day!

I hate when she doesn't feel good.... She just isn't her usual silly self 

You can tell by the way we both looked it was rough LOL.... Hey, just keepin it real!

I did get to read a few chapters of this though... HILAIRE

And these little nuggets are DELISH!

Feeling better after her 3.5 hour nap!

REEEWIND.... this was early yesterday morning... She was having a hard time waking up so she was extra snuggly! LOVE THAT!

We have been trying to wake up earlier and this morning I enjoyed coffee from the bed watching the news.... this was my view!

Pig Tails on the way to school!

AND this came on pandora this morning... so funny!

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