April 8, 2012

Good Friday & Happy Easter!

Thursday two guys in my office brought me this article... I take it as a comliment! I LOVE shoes!

This was Channy Friday morning waiting for me to get ready to go meet Breen for some shopping a 2 year check up for Channing and lunch with Daddy, Grammie and Uncle Ty! She is wearing a comanite shirt that Chandler brought her home and she loves it! I don't know what it is but kiddos look so cute in big ol shirts!

Patiently waiting for the Dr. The Dr makes her very nervous now but overall she did great and is growing and healthy and we thank God every day for that!

Daddy and Channing at the Flying Saucer Friday night waiting to meet his parents and Matt from England! This weekend's weather was so pretty... now its cloudy and rainy again... but we can't complain!

Hunting some eggs at Grammie & Poppa Scott's house yesterday afternoon!

My sweet in laws and brother in law! My other family!

My sweet family... Minus Judah and Cody. We missed you guys!

Fun Cole (aka Uncle Boongie) and Channing... she was concerned about something.... probably getting more cake!

We had a VERY happy Easter and I felt renewed at church yesterday. God has blessed us beyond belief and we are continually thankful... but also we were reminded that He has conquered all for us and we have nothing to worry about because He is sovereign!
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  1. She's such a doll! Looks like she had fun hunting those eggs!