March 5, 2012

Weekend In iPhone Pics

The biscuits and gravy I made Saturday morning after trying to make my own gravy and a major fail I found a package of gravy... Thank you Lord! LOL!!

The sweetest ponytail EVER!

Friends at Sunday breakfast!

We went to the Torviks to cook out and let the kiddos play in the nice weather and before we went outside Kingston pushed Channing on his four wheeler!

Then they jumped on the trampoline!

The dads were being silly!

Sweet faces!

We also took Channing to the Nature and Science Museum Saturday before grilling out with my parents! She loved it so much that we had to carry her out of there against her will LOL! I will post pics of that very soon. Also... I need to post pictures of our Build A Bear trip from a few weeks ago!

Happy Monday! Today was one of those days I just wanted to keep Channing home and love on her all day... I am sure you know what I am talking about... LOVE HER SO MUCH!
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