March 9, 2012


Has anyone else ever been to Hypnotic Donuts on Garland road just past Buckner? Well, I ordered them for my office this morning and wow did they impress!

I ate a regular glazed because I was not brave enough to try the one with tabasco and jalapenos on it! But man the glazed was good as well as the chicken biscuit I split with a friend!

Go check it out... even if it is just to see the cool crazy donuts! Plus, the owners are pretty cool too!

I think the guys at my office loved them... what do you think?

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  1. yum! I have not heard of this place but there is a bakery over there that is the best. we used to order cakes from them all the time for work. The name of it is not coming to me at the moment so this was pointless to tell you.

  2. Those sound AMAZING! I think I would even like the jalapenos one...I need to find a place like this!