March 2, 2012

Eye Drops Are The Worst

First I would like to catch you guys up on my March photo a day challenge! I am doing this one!

Day 1 was 'UP' so this is looking up from my vanity where I get ready every morning (at least where I put my makeup on) Just a daily reminder of how incredibly blessed I am!

Day 2 'FRUIT' an Orange I ate this morning (thanks to my mom) that looks like a Grapefruit inside! They are supposed to be SO good for you and it tasted so YUMMY!

And now here are a few pics from yesterday. Channing and I cuddled A LOT and tried to get her better. She is at my moms today to recover a little more before heading back to school next week. We will try our best to not spread this sickness!

She NEVER EVER does this and this is how I caught her yesterday morning watching TV poor girl... Just does not feel great!

When her Daddy got home she just lit up and all she wanted to do was sit with him! Daddys girl she is! And I think he loves her too ;)

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  1. Aww, poor baby. I hope she gets better soon!