March 29, 2012

Friday Eve!

But really today is me and my girls Friday! Tomorrow we get to go hang out with Channing's cousin Judah and my mom! Judah came all the way from Denver by herself to visit us! Makes us feel good!

This is how Channing was after her nap at school yesterday and her teacher sent me this pic! She said she sat like that for at least 3 minutes!

She was in such a good mood this morning... nothing sweeter than her for sure!

I was trying to be funny in the car on the way to school/work this morning.... I guess I was sucessful! YA hooo!

I got a very fun dress in the mail yesterday! I love it... it is so bright and springy.... looks red here but its more like a tangerine color! You know the 'color of the year' !

Happy Thursday!

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  1. She is always so happy! And can I PLEASE go shopping in your closet? Seriously? Where do you get all these cute outfits. IM JEALOUS!