March 23, 2012

Its Friday Friday!

Channing LOVES the Yogurt Melts! I really need to try this!

This is SO true... Happy is NOT overrated!! Its amazeballs!

VERY VERY COOL Toddler Snack Holders!

Source: via Tera on Pinterest

My Channy Lou at her Daddy's office while Grammie did a little work! She loved it!

She says 'wing me high'! Swinging at Grammies house while visiting with Great Granddad!

She was so cute saying 'Uncle Tyler wing me high'!

This morning was sort of a hoot! She didnt want to get up because she had woken up a few times during the night and then proceeded to try and get away from me every time I tried to dress her! It was sort of funny but we were in a MAJOR hurry and running late so we put her in the car with no shirt no bow and no shoes... I managed a shirt right before we pulled out of the driveway! She was VERY cute on the way to her Grammies though.... talking up a storm!

Tomorrow is her 2nd birthday! Oh man times really flies! She is the most incredible angel ever and we are thankful everyday that God gave her to us... what a BLESSING!
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  1. I love Zo li brand products!! Happy Birthday to your little one.

  2. I want to try the yogurt melts too! I LOVE the ones you get at fro-yo places!