March 22, 2012

Friday Eve Pics!

We kind of have a crazy week of FUN going on. Nothing about it is not fun but it has made for busy Balch's! SO, with that said, we did something we haven't done in a long time. We stopped at Houlihan's for dinner last night. Channing did GREAT and we even got complimented on how well behaved she was.... WOW that was awesome! Also, the carrot cake in a mason jar was FAB!

Me and my girl this morning getting ready! She just sat there with me and kept handing me make up... she would say make up and shake her head yes. It was one of those moments when I thought... Man I love having a little girl! Feeling so blessed with her by my side!

She fell asleep on the way to her Grammie's house this morning but right when we got there she said, 'Grammies House YAY'! She truly loves her grandparents! We truly love that they are ALL close to us!

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