November 30, 2009

Things for Channing Layne...

Below are some more things we have either bought or been given for our baby girl. I wanted to share them with you guys so you can be just as excited as we are!!
The day we found out we were having a girl my parents sent freshly baked cookies for us to my office from 'Tiff's Treats' oh man are they just about the best cookies ever! They come warm ready to be eaten. They are awesome! Note the box... 'ITS A GIRL!'
Pink Furry Booties... I found these for Channing, what little girl doesn't need pink furry boots?

I bought this before we were even pregnant... just thought it was cute no matter boy or girl... now Channing gets to wear it and be 'rad like dad'

Chan got this as part of his birthday gift from my parents before we found out it was for sure a girl... we had a feeling! Glad we were right hahaha!

Part of Chan's stocking from the Hufstedler Christmas. I heart Daddy.... that's so cute!!! Also, the 'ITS A GIRL' balloon that came with the cookies my parents sent!

The BEST daddy went and bought his little girl her first pair of earrings and bracelet! Pearls... what better way to spoil a little girl!

Little Flower Shoes

Sweet PINK flowers Chandler's aunt Toni gave me on Thanksgiving! In honor of Channing girl.

The CUTEST owl shoes!

I hope you enjoy all the little girl things we are accumulating! It really is SO much fun! Thanks to everyone who has given already to our little girl... She will have so many fun toys, stuffed animals, and cute things to wear!

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