November 26, 2009

All things Girl....

After we found out we were having a girl we were able to go get some GIRL things. Some of the things are below, but I need to take a picture of the other stuff we have received! We have a few onesies from my mom and also something else special that Chandler bought our little girl. I just need to get it all out and make sure to post the pictures of all of it! I promise I will. I am also going to be posting the samples of the fabric we are using and the paint samples we are choosing from. Hopefully everyone will be able to follow the progress of the nursery as we get things done bit by bit! Chan should be getting the crib put together sometime next weekend and we will post that as soon as we have it up!

Little outfit from the Children's Place

One of many swimsuits I am sure! What girl can only live with one? This little beaut is from Nordstrom Rack! 6 dollars buys a CUTE little suit!

'Not your average PRINCESS' onesie from the Children's Place!

All of it together! Behind the little swimsuit are some Robeez I found Channing for 9 dollars! Can't beat that for some trendy little kicks for the already trendy little girl!!

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