November 26, 2009

Cluck Cluck Gobble Gobble Cluck Cluck

This last Sunday started the 'Week-O-Thanksgiving'! My brothers came over to the house and brewed beer with Chandler. I think they had a great time in the 'Man Room' aka garage with their own TV out there and a few beers. That makes the perfect guy hangout right?

Then Wednesday night we did our 'Thanks-Mas' with my side of the family. My brother and SIL and niece are not able to make it down for Christmas this year but were able to come for the whole week of Thanksgiving so we improvised and did our Christmas with them early! 'Thanks-Mas'!

I think the greatest part of the night was watching Judah open her gifts! It is so fun for her and so fun for us to see how excited she gets! She loved everything she was given and I think she has already played with every bit of it. What a sweet girl!

This morning we started off with the Thanksgiving Parade and some coffee... one of my FAVES of the season! We got our food prep done and then we went over to Chan's parents house for Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to have both of our families together today! We are so happy that we all enjoy each other and all get along. Its not too often that both sides of families spend holidays together and we had a great time! Below are some family pictures we took today with my family. We also took several with the Balch side but they are on someone else's camera. As soon as I get a copy of those I will be sure to post them!
We all enjoyed an AWESOME spread of food and everyone that isn't pregnant, everyone but me ha ha, enjoyed Chan's 'Dirty Pilgrim' beer that he brewed! The day was a success and we had such a good time.
We have A LOT to be thankful for this year! GREAT families and GREAT friends. Thankful for our little girl on the way. Thankful that we both have GREAT jobs that we both enjoy a lot. Thankful for our health and our puppies. Thankful that we are so blessed beyond measure!

Again, I have a lot more pictures to post as soon as I get them from everyone else's camera! We had a great Turkey Day! We hope all of you guys did as well and are as thankful as we are for our families and friends!

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