November 26, 2009

20 Weeks!

Yesterday marked my 20 week mark!! HALFWAY!! I am feeling great... a little more pregnant each day but feeling great! As you guys know we found out last Friday that we have a little girl on the way! We have had so much fun getting our plans going for all things GIRL! Channing Layne will be taken care of!! She is moving more and more and it has been awesome feeling her move around in my belly. I am SO thankful everyday that I get the opportunity to have a baby! It really is something that is so precious and I am thankful God let me experience it! This week I went with my mom and SIL and picked out and bought ALL of the nursery fabric. Bedding...curtains...rocking chair cushion fabric! We are well on our way and so HAPPY with the fabric! Thanks to my rents for the fabric for Channing's room and thank you thank you to Jeannie for making ALL of the nursery gear! We are sooo thankful that we are going to have something so awesome, different and special for our little girl! Also, the crib is finally on the way and should arrive sometime next week! We will have the nursery ready in no time!

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