November 1, 2009

Halloween & Ice Cream

This week Benz and Bentley took a trip to the groomer. They came home all ready for Halloween and we could tell that they felt much better! They also got a special treat this week; dog ice cream! Thanks to our friend Shelby she introduced us to a brand of ice cream made specially for dogs and Benz and Bentley LOVED it!

We had a great week and weekend! Chandler brewed a beer that will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving called the 'Dirty Pilgrim'. He went to Blane's house and they brewed and 'tasted' the beer that Blane had brewed in weeks before. I did my mom's hair and then met Valerie at her salon and got my hair done! I love it and it was so good to see her and catch up! We also met Cole and his girlfriend Kati and my mom and dad at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football and eat dinner. All in all it was a great week and awesome weekend! I am feeling great and growing a little each week! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! We hope you guys have a great week!

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