August 28, 2014

Overnight Date!

Who is watching Bachelor in Paradise? It is like a train wreck that we cannot stop watching. Anyhow, I told Chandler this morning that I was excited about our overnight date. Made me think of the Bachelor hahaha.
So Chandler needs to work from home occasionally and so we improvised and got a console/sofa table from CB2 to use as a make shift desk when he needs to work in the evenings at home. I haven't really styled it yet but I love the table nonetheless. I cant wait to show you the chair we got for it too. I plan on getting two baskets for storage to go under it when we entertain. YAY!

I have been getting up earlier in the mornings to try and make things go smoother for Channing and myself. We are not as rushed but since I have been getting up earlier I am tired and have not had much motivation to do my hair. This look is what I like to pawn off as 'beachy' hope it works because I didn't do one thing to my hair this morning.
I will report on Tulsa tomorrow! We are going to eat at a highly recommended sushi place that I cannot wait to tell you about!

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