August 26, 2014

My Sweet Silly Girl!

Channing is constantly making us laugh with her personality. She IS really funny and says things that really crack us up!

She is such a girly girl and she brings her purse with us most of the time! She told me at Mi Cocina that she had a mirror, lipstick (chapstick) and a brush just in case I forgot mine.
She likes the finer things in life like Perrier. We don't drink soda at our house usually but this is one of my favorite drinks. The grapefruit one is SO good and she loves it. She says it is spicy... which in her world means the bubbles burn a little. I think she thinks that it is cool to have a drink just like momma.
She loves when we are silly with her. I actually had to coax her into this silly picture because she didn't want to go to school that day and was sad. Hey anything to make this sweet girl feel happy.
She ran into the bathroom last week and told me that she 'looks like Michelle' (tanner) Thing is she really DOES kind of look like the Olsen twins to me. Maybe the nose? I laughed so hard when she said that!
She lets me take pictures of her daily... even when she doesn't really want me to.
She is a girl after my own heart and loves her costume jewelry... bonus if it is tasty too!
Most of all this sweet girl is a beauty inside and out. We keep telling her how smart sweet and beautiful she is. I hope she knows!

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