August 27, 2014


This week seems to be going slower than usual but maybe that is because I get to go on a little work trip with Chandler tomorrow evening. Its not too exciting but I am excited to spend some date night time with him. We LOVE having Channing go everywhere with us but this is just a fun surprise!

Speaking of... my sweet little one is a night owl and is having a hard time falling asleep as early as I think she needs to. So in the mornings she has been extra tired. Not even eating all of her waffle for breakfast and that is just not like her at all. But I do not mind the fact that she lets me cuddle her first thing in the morning right now. I cannot get enough of that! Too soon she will be too big to sit on my lap and I will soak it up while I can.
Yesterday was National Dog Day and so I thought I would post pics of our sweet pups. They are getting old but they sure are funny and sweet.
Yesterday we started soccer practice up again for the fall! I LOVE fall and Channing was excited to start soccer back up. She did great at practice and she seems to know more about what is going on when she is on the field! Should be a hoot!

And since it is mid-week and sometimes we need encouragement from up above I thought I would leave you with this below.

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