September 16, 2013

Weekend Update

These pics are in reverse order for some reason but I am going with it because that's how I roll on a Monday morning.
We are enjoying having some of our best friends move down the street from us. Exactly one mile and they have a pool! I mean... nothing much better than that!
We ate dinner with the three out of three nights this weekend haha AND met them at 'Good to Go Taco' Sunday morning. Danielle and I showed up in the same outfit actually... totally random but funny and picture worthy!

Channing is pretty much a pro at soccer now after a few weeks! Her team is so cute and she is really getting the hang of it. 

The picture is blurry for some reason but this is the crowd that came to cheer her on this week! That girl is surely loved!

A little pre-game pep talk...
Channing is in the middle.

Pre-game stretching!

And last but actually first.... Saturday morning Danielle and I went to a 'Chicken Class' at Gecko Hardware. It was such an informative class and I am now more than ever excited about getting Chickens in the near future! 

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