September 10, 2013

Shake Shake Shake

Oh my goodness y'all.
Have you tried these Dole Fruit Shakers yet?
Seriously I love them! So easy and perfect for me on the go in the mornings during the week when I am running (literally) out the door to get Channing to school and myself to work!
They taste fresh and crisp! I mix mine with some grapefruit juice but they have other suggestions on the bottle. 

The 'Peach Mango' is my fave but the Strawberry Banana is really great too!
The only sad part is that I cannot find them at SAMs or Costco so I have to keep buying them individually at Target...
Anyhow if you need a quick healthy on the go suggestion here ya go!
(not paid or anything just love them)

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  1. I've seen these, but I wasn't sure how good they were. I'll have to check 'em out!