September 25, 2013

A Few Things...

So not too much to update right now...
I started making a few additions to our house... stilllllll working on it 7 months later and now we have decided to switch Channing's room. That is coming this weekend so I will try to post pics when that is done.
That planter box was made by the hubs out of a pallet and succulents are going to be planted in there... soon... 

I received a new Voxbox and I am excited to test everything out. The Ponds BB Cream is awesome and we already know Channy Lou loves Amy's!

We spent most of our weekend like this... Poor girl has a cold and allergies and it just knocked her out this weekend. 

Sneak Peak of a party dress I ordered! FUN!

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  1. Everything about this is adorable! Your daughter, your house, the dress! Love it all :)