June 14, 2013


We started Channing in her new school this week. I literally took NO pictures this week because there were tears every morning. Break this momma's heart, then rip it out stomp on it and throw it in front of a bus. It just hurt my heart every morning to leave her nervous and crying. But, apparently she is doing wonderfully at school. We call on her and get regular e-mails that saying she is having a ball! The principal even e-mailed me a picture today of her playing with her classmates. She told me she was nervous last night... I SO feel for her. I was like that when I was younger. Shy at first and nervous about new experiences especially when it came to meeting new people. So nervous I would lose sleep and make myself sick. I have since grown out of that somewhat. But, unfortunately she comes by it honest. If you think about it please lift her up in your prayers. We could all use some love actually haha. It is rough.
On top of the new school stuff we have a very strong willed smart 3 year old. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining but dang I didn't think it would get like this until she was 13 or 14. She has my number some days and knows just what to do to push my buttons or make me smile! It may or may not be because she is basically an exact replica of me personality wise. We are CRAY CRAY what can we say. I am determined to handle these trying times with positivity and sensitivity. Its a learning experience right?!
And one of our friends mentioned their kiddo asking for 'snacks' all the time. Channing does that too! What is it with that? All of the sudden she wants 'snacks' and not breakfast, lunch or dinner.... just snacks.
We are going to Ozona for dinner tonight then cooking out with family tomorrow and Sunday! O how I love summer nights!
And I will leave you with some things I pinned this week. You may or may not see them in my home soon!

Cheers to the weekend

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