June 17, 2013

Fathers Day Weekend

This weekend we celebrated the Dad's in our life but first we started Friday night at Ozona's and we ended the night with me leaving dinner early because of the terror that was our three year old. That was fun...
And we make it to Saturday and more of the same... BUT we did see some family and grilled out at Chandler's Aunt & Uncles house and had a great time with the cousins!
I mean... what a good looking crew of people right?!

Sunday Chandler rode at White Rock and Channing and I hung out all morning. She had a great day yesterday so all was right with the world. Then she went to Grammie's house for bubbles and playing in the backyard! We ended the night at my parent's house for Brats and had a great time.
Below is my ragamuffin of cuteness after her bath at my rents house in her Buccee's shirt...
Peace. Love & Beaver Nuggets Y'all!

I just love this picture of my dad and I... It may be a FRAMER!!

Drop of at Channing's school went a little better this morning. Please continue to lift her up in your prayers. Transition and change has always been rough for her so please pray that it continues to get easier and her little fears are calmed.
Happy Monday!

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