June 10, 2013

Thirty One

Hey guys!
I has been a while huh?! Thanks for staying with me... assuming you all are still here!
First things first! My bloggy friend Britney Boyd is selling THIRTY ONE now and I am hosting an online party! Doesn't every southern girl love a good monogram?? You know you do! Check out some of their cute cute things!
Who couldn't use some organizing in the car?! I know this momma could!
Their Utility Totes are so awesome...
I could totally use a new 'Weekender' and this is the cutest! Loving the print too!
Party Punch
They have SO much more too! Lunch boxes and coolers and even stationary!
Please check it out and order something from my party! Not only would you get something totally cute and personalized but you would be helping someone further their business!
Now onto the weekend wrap up. I took Friday off to spend with Channing before she started her new school... which she did today... more on that later.
Look at this sweet face... quickly followed by a fit or two I am sure. Three has been HARD on us. Two was a breeze but THREE man oh man. I really try to not seem like I am complaining about my kiddo but some days are a STRUGGLE with the endless fits or whining or mood swings. Three is hard because she is finding her voice and personality and has to navigate this crazy thing called life all while trying to figure out why she is mad or upset about something etc and learning how to handle emotions. Dang Gina! My mom says she is A LOT like I was at that age so I know she is going to grow up to be pretty much perfect but this little 'phase' can be tough at times!
But THEN she smiles like that and BOOM my heart melts and I forget that an instant earlier she was throwing a royal fit about the dog licking her or that I brushed her teeth!

She is like my mini-me!

Girly to the core!
and I.Love.It!

After we met Chandler for lunch on Friday I took her to Klyde Warren Park and we had a BLAST! Seriously.... splashed until we could splash no more or until it was 4pm and I still needed to go to the grocery store and try to beat rush hour traffic.
I tried to talk her into some kind of 'treat' from a Food Truck but she didn't want anything... the girl who LOVES sweets wouldn't stop for Ice Cream....
It really was a BLAST and such fun to watch her have so much fun! 

We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard lately in the pool. Mostly because Channing is obsessed with undressing outside anywhere lately. 

My girl!

Worn out momma!

A little photo op in front of Channings new school yesterday!
She started today and it broke my heart to leave her. I cried ALL morning. This day cannot go fast enough... I am sure she is having a blast but MAN IT IS HARD!

Recently always wants to hold Bentley. She is mad here because Bentley is terrifies and wants down hahaha!

I just want to ask for prayers for my sweet girl today. Starting this new school has been hard on all of us. She was at her old school for almost 3 years. When we moved to Dallas we needed to have something closer, not in the opposite direction. It is a new adventure for the whole family. I trust that God is watching over her and keeping her safe but I also want her to have a blast and blossom there and make tons of new friends. She really is a DOLL and I am praying she absolutely loves it. She didn't cry this morning when I dropped her off at the cafeteria but I barely made it out without crying. Maybe I need the prayers more haha.
I will update you guys on her day tomorrow!

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