June 25, 2013

Dear Friend

This past week and weekend was one big rough time for our family. We said 'see ya later' to my husbands best friend. He really deserves a post dedicated to him and I really want to post what Chandler spoke at his funeral so maybe in a few days I will do that. Everyone deserves to know a little bit about Kirk. What an amazing guy.
For now I will update you on our lives the past few days though...
Channing, as I have mentioned, has had a little bit of a rough time being three lately. We are navigating it, though, and learning as we go. That's what it is all about right!?

One thing I can guarantee is that we will ALWAYS get a smile with the promise of candy... So funny to me because I do not have a sweet tooth! I do love me some MEGA stuffed Oreo's but candy just isn't my thing!

Friday morning we took Benz to a new vet closer to our new 'hood. Channing loves to 'pull' him on his leash!

After another reminder to Channing that 'we only write on paper' I hear a 'momma, look' and as I turn around I see this. My bearded little girl... 

Our first popsicles of summer. SO GOOD! 

My reading material right now... maybe this one will take me less than three months...

School drop offs are getting better slowly but surely and morning pictures may be in our new future but for now this is all I can manage...

Our roses are blooming! 

Our friend Emily was in town for a few days and she brought her little one Carson by last night so they could meet and play! She is a friend of Chandler's from high school and we became fast friends when I was pregnant with Channing and she was pregnant with Carson when we met at a wedding three years ago! Now, Emily is pregnant with a little girl and Carson is just the cutest little guy ever. 

They warmed up to each other and played SO HARD... Channing crashed soon after Carson went back to his Gigi and Pop's house. 

It was so fun to watch them play and so great to catch up a bit with Emily!

After Channing went to bed and Chandler settled in watching the hockey game I got a bath in... probably the second time I have taken a bath at this house but I is so nice!
Yep that is Channing's play crown she left by my bathtub.
Fitting don't you think?!

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