October 16, 2012

Me, Myself & I ... A Link-Up

What is your favorite season?
I have to say Fall. If it were a perfect fall all the days would be crisp and cool and the evenings would be chilly! But, around here it isn't always like that... usually warmer than I'd prefer but I am loving the cooler mornings and nights. Also, fall brings Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the state fair... lots of fun things to celebrate in the fall! Plus, I love fall clothes!
Talk about a moment that changed your life.
Finding out I was pregnant with Channing. I found out so early on that there was a lot of waiting and checking of blood etc before we got to see her on a sonogram... It is true... you never know the depth of love you will have for your child until God blesses you with one... I loved that baby to the ends of the earth and when we finally got to see her and her perfect little heart... that AMAZING moment changed my life... in the BEST way!
What is your crayola color?
Hummmm.... Maybe Gold from the big special box of crayons? Its fab and different in a sparkly shiny kind of way but still neutral and not too crazy!
Describe yourself as a superhero. Super power? name? sidekick?
I've always loved how Samantha on Bewitched could wiggle her nose and change/do/make things happen! Maybe I would have that super power. Or it would be cool if I could understand and speak any language and so if people wer talking in another language so I couldn't understand I could surprise them and totally speak their language and say BOOYAH!
If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at three stores, where would you shop?
*GILT (online)
*TJ Maxx (ross or marshalls)
(probably lots of others but lets be real... I LOVE THOSE STORES)

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