October 22, 2012

Fried Everything At The Fair This Year!

We went to the fair last Friday with our friends the Galloways.
Here are the iPhone pics from the fair and the rest of the weekend!
Our little shopper! Why didnt we think of this before... she totally loved pushing her our cart around!
Channing and I on a ride at the fair... I am glad she could ride most by herself because they made me dizzy!
Fried Pumpkin Pie... DELISH!
Just hanging in the BOB
Channing about to go out on the farm!
Riding rides!
My cool GLAM nails!
Channing & Ty
When I said everything was fried this year I meant
Poor Big Tex went up in flames about ten minutes before we got there and when I got a text from my mom telling me that Big Tex was on fire I really thought they were joking!
The annual Big Tex picture just isn't the same this year
Channing and Ty at the little hands farm exhibit!
They are SO cute together!
The Cowboys won and I really think it was because Channing wore her uniform to cheer them on!
Pioneer Woman veggie lasagna! YUMMY!
Being silly with my girl... we like to be SILLY
Pure cuteness on the ride!
Channing fell asleep on the way to school this morning... maybe we wore her out this weekend!
Channing threw a fit yesterday afternoon so we sat her on her bed for a 'time out' and she fell asleep... probably why she threw a fit in the first place... tired much?
I tried to get a picture of Tami and Ty on the ride behind us but it was going so fast I couldnt get a good angle!
Fletchers DUH
Chandler & Channing enjoying a drive!

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