October 10, 2012

iPhone Dump

Just catching up on some pictures I snapped from this weekend!
This one I love... Channing was laughing at Chandler laughing and they did this for about ten minutes... SO CUTE how much she loves her Daddy!
This morning... before we headed out the door... My poor girl is NOT a morning person!
Mornings have been rough around here not to mention she is getting TWO back (2 year molars?) at the same time.
Sweet friends that came over for dinner last Friday night!
Amy (the momma) & Avery
So sweet and Avery is the cutest!
More laughing fun!
We met Grammie for dinner last Saturday night at Fish City Grill & then got yogurt afterwards!
A little holiday decor!
Channing's FIRST Pez Dispenser!
This morning after she woke up a bit!
Modeling her Flamingo dress from Stan and Alice that they brought her back from Spain!
On our way to dinner the other night!
PURE YUMMINESS except I wish the caramel was stronger
She was SO happy that is was COLD this past weekend!
FIRST trim....
The BEST random find last Friday from Central Market.... it is GOOD!
Delonghi sent us this GEM of a coffee pot after we have recieved THREE that did not work.
This one works and we LOVE Delonghi and this coffee pot.
I have to say that their customer service was pretty amazing and everyone I had to deal with over the course of the THREE non-working coffee pots were VERY VERY nice!
Getting ready for above mentioned cut!
This was my outfit last Friday... I didnt like the picture but decided to post it anyway!
Front yard decor... I LOVE PUMPKINS
outfit for dinner the other night
On the above mentioned COLD Saturday morning!
Two peas in a pod!


  1. ohh your girl is so sweet !

    XX Luba
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  2. SO much cuteness in this post! First Channing laughing with Daddy (adorbs), second that little senorita dress (IM DYING!!) and lastly she reminds me of myself in the morning (hilarious)... such a sweet little thing mama!