October 18, 2012

Have A 'WILLIE' Nice Day!

Well today is my Friday! YAY!
Tomorrow we are taking Channing to the fair and we are meeting some of our best friends there with their kiddo Ty!
This was last year the day we took Channing to the fair... Cannot believe how much she has grown!
Cannot wait to try all the CRAZY fried foods and of course a Fletchers.... DUH!
The kids are also old enough this year to ride some rides... they will have so much fun!
My best modeling face hahahaha makes me laugh every time!
Vest:Vivian Tam/ Shirt: Buccee's (yes a gas station I couldnt pass it up)/Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Michael Kors/Necklace:Estate Sale Vintage
Also... My MIL had surgery yesterday and it went GREAT! I saw her this morning and she is doing amazingly well for going thru such a big surgery! Please keep her in your prayers for a fast easy and speedy recovery.
Happy Thursday!

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