October 5, 2012

Friday Faves

Mostly I am going to use my FAVE pins from this week BUT there are a few cute personal FAVES too! 
Ready . Set . Go!

Have you all heard of Sole Society?! It is an exclusive shoe sale site that is amazing! I have ordered 3 pairs of shoes from them so far and have LOVED ever pair and been very impressed with their quality! Basically you click on the link to sign up and go shopping! Most of their shoes are $49 and $59 for booties/boots etc! 

First time members can get $20 off with the code OCT20! 

The best part.... FREE shipping BOTH ways! Cannot beat that! 

Also.... Refinery29 is offering a deal today where if you buy $25 e-gift cert that gets you $40 towards Sole Society and $40 e-gift cert gets you $85! DEALS DEALS DEALS


The Frye's made their debut today!!!!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50's and I cannot wait! 

Channing and I celebrating Friday this morning!

Most mornings now Channing gets down off our our bed after she has some milk and climbs on my vanity chair and asks me to open it so she can 'put on' makeup. It really is very cute! I have learned how to place things so she can only reach what isn't really anything I need or just the empty cases of things.... she LOVES it! Girl through and through!
Below are just my fave pins of the week... 
Fashion Inspiration!



  1. I sooooooo want those Frye boots! And yay for it finally being cold enough to wear them!

  2. LOVE those Frye boots!!! Oh my goodness. And I totally need that Sunday Best sweater :) HAPPY FRIDAY!

  3. So jealous of y'alls weather in Dallas. I didn't even bring boots with me to Vegas because I knew I wouldn't need them until the end of October when my mom brings the moving truck with all my stuff. I will have to check this she site off.