July 16, 2011

Random Pics Saturday!

These are mostly pictures from some of Channing’s swim lessons in May but the first is from Mothers Day I think. This is as good as it gets today. Yesterday was not normal since Thursday night I had food poisoning from CPK… I can’t eat there anymore now. I am one of those people that if I get food poisoning from somewhere I cant eat there anymore. I hate that because I usually like the place a lot but I just can’t shake the memory! Sonic forever lost my business because of that… well, at least food wise. I love their Diet Limeades and Ocean Water! Enjoy the swim lesson pics they are some of my fave because Channing loves the water!IMG_3484



  1. She is the cutest thing ever in that pool. I want to squeeze her :)

  2. Those are adorable pictures! She is precious! Im sorry you left a comment forever ago on my blog and Im just now responding! I was going to tell you about River talking .. we honestly dont do anything special and I cant take any credit. If anything he watches too much TV/Movies! He doesnt always say all those words .. so its not like he is talking non stop those are just words he has said or repeated. (which sounds like how you were saying Channing is? :) And trust me, there are a 100+ things he isnt doing that he should be! (like using a spoon, finding his belly button, etc.) and he was slow at everything else (crawling, walking, etc) we do just ask him to say things all the time and then eventually he starts to say them or repeat things we say. But thats really all I do!

    Your blog is adorable! Oh and I seriously love the name channing!!! ;)