July 27, 2011


My bloggy friend over at Tales of a Young Mamma did this. Her birthday is the 29th and mine is the 31st so I thought I would 'BORROW' this and see what my answers were! Thanks girl... go check out her blog! Its a good one!

Leo's are
Dominant- yes
Extroverts-yes (most of the time)
Strong Willed-yes
Positive--try to be
Independent- very
Self Confident-Check
Born Leaders- I think so?
Uncomplicated- HA nope
Arrogant- I hope I am not but maybe sometimes
Self- Centered- Maybe earlier in life but not so much now
Overbearing- Hope not
Passion for luxury- Love luxury but don't have to have it
lust for power-Ha maybe
Dislike manual labor- yes
Sincere-I think so!
Speculative Ventures- ??
Lavish Living- Love it but don't need it
Pageantry and Grandeur- yes haha
Children- yes
Drama- YES... unfortunately thats me. :)
Doing things safely-I want others to be safe ALWAYS but I'll climb on counters etc to get things done or put up so I dont have to ask for help!
Ordinary, day to day living- Well, I actually like this most of the time but I do like to be busy too
small minded people- HATE I really hate it when people can't open their minds up every once in a while
penny pinching-don't mind it... I am VERY thrifty... raised that way and I LOVE it
mean spiritedness-I hate it when people do things to be mean on purpose

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