July 1, 2011

Friday Fab & What Momma's Wearin!

YAY! It is officially the Fourth of July weekend!! Look how freaking cute C looked this morning!

I don't ever post what I am wearin but I felt exceptionally 'summery' this morning and thought I would share... sorry for the crappy pic but thats all I got! I am also newly spray tanned which makes me feel very summery too! I am wearing a cotton tie dye dress from Marshalls that probably cost me oh maybe $9 and I decided to pair that with an AE racerback vest... the topped it off with my thin Rainbow flippy floppys and there you have it.... what I am wearing... plus a bunch of bracelets and my Michael Kors watch, some earrings from my mom (most of my stuff is) and a 'c' initial necklace I won in a FAB giveaway!!!

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  1. Hey! I dont think I ever responded to your comment on my blog! Im so sorry! What a small world!! Crystal and I have been besties since high school .. and isnt Misti just the sweetest person ever??? Love that family! SO MUCH! Small world! Give them hugs for me when you see them! Your blog is adorable!!!