November 28, 2010

A Trip To Kansas!

A few weekends ago we traveled to Kansas to visit some family! The trip was a tad rough on Channing girl as she doesn't want to be strapped down backwards in a car seat for 5-6 hours BUT we had a GREAT time when we got there! It was Channing's first time to meet her great granddad! She absolutely loved him and I think the feeling was mutual! She also loved meeting all the other little kids. We were able to help celebrate Brittany's third birthday while we were in town. It was such a fun filled weekend. We also have to say thank you to our awesome hosts Bryan and Erica and Kylie. We loved staying at their house for the weekend and Channing LOVED playing with their toys and Kylie!

Someone was tired from all the partying!

Channing and Aunt Sherrie

Channing and Great Granddad

Angel Face


Channing and Baby Alecia (2 Mos apart exactly)

Ripping into the gifts!

Bryan and Kylie

Sweet Birthday Girl

Chan and Chan

New Toys Everywhere!! AND carpet to crawl on!!


Sweet Kylie... Ummmm She Is Playing With My Toys!

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  1. CUTE pictures. My Landyn has those same black shoes. LOVE them and get tons of compliments! THANKS be to Target :)