November 2, 2010


Sunday was Channing's very first Halloween! We had so much fun and I think she did too. I think she was more mesmerized by all the costumes she saw more than anything! She was the CUTEST 'pink monster' around. We started at my parents church doing 'trunk or treat', I do have pictures from that but do not have them yet, so those will be on another post! We actually have a family picture on that camera! After trunk or treat we headed to Grammie and Papa Scott's hood with Breen and Pop in tow and we all went to their block party. This is the same block party I attended when I was little because my aunt and uncle live in the same hood! Channing was of course a hit in her costume and I am sure if there was a contest she would have won!

Headed to the party!
Grammie and Chandler
Can you see the excitement on his face?

Breen and Pop

The one and only 'PINK MONSTER'!

'What is going on here'?

Dad and Chan

R2D2 made an appearance

The whole gang (minus the momma) Grammie.Chandler & Channing.Breen & Pop

And my Aunt Terri even made an appearance!

Angel face

Sweetest girl (pink monster) I know

Momma and my Pink Monster

So there was also a pirate just roaming around this block party... So of course Channing asked to get her picture made with him. She thought it was Johnny Depp... I hated to tell her it sadly was NOT him.