November 30, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top 2 Cleaning and Organization tips or tricks!
P.S. I am not feeling to creative today so I am not digging very deep for my organization tricks. Sorry... But I will LOVE reading all of your tips and tricks!

1. Plastic Bins... I LOVE them. I use them for everything i can that we need to store in the attic or garage. I feel like things are safe in them and easy to keep organized.

2. Regular Shoe Bag: Someone else gave me this idea from their blog and I used it and I LOVE it also. p.s. This is NOT my pantry... I wish I had more storage in my pantry... but anyhow this works great Just a regular old shoe bag over the inside on the pantry door and voila... extra space and organization! I also did it in our guest linen closet to house all over my extra hand soap and Miss Channing's bath and lotion extras!