November 28, 2010

8 Month Sock Monkey Pictures!

Channing Layne Balch is 8 months old... How did that happen SO FAST?! Every stage is more and more fun as we watch her little personality form. She is already a sassy little thing and has started to let us know exactly how she feels about anything and everything. She has started crawling and pulling up on things. She has two teeth... ask Chandler... they are sharp! She is a great sleeper still unless her teeth are bothering her. She is an awesome eater and has started trying table food here and there... turkey and all the fixings at Thanksgiving... banana... toast...avocado etc etc! She holds her own sippy and her own bottle. She loves the dogs and has tried to share their water and food. She still loves her bath's but I have started putting her back in her little bath chair because someone is a bit more adventurous in the bath than her momma would like her to be. She crawls away from me now when I try to change her diaper and yes, the changing table time is few and far between because again she is such a dare devil. She went to to Dr. last week for her first 'SICK' visit for a little tear duct eye infection... she weighed 18lbs. She has started crying when we leave the room and when we walk right back in she smiles.... be still my heart. I could go on and on and on....We love her so much and it only grows more and more every day. I thank God every second for this precious angel baby! Enjoy the pics below!!

Get away from me monkey.. this is my photo shoot!

I am just going to get off of this couch and play with Benz!

Never mind I am going to chew on your hair!

Happy Girl!!

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