November 28, 2010

OOOOOOO Christmas Tree OOOOOOO Christmas Tree!

Friday after Thanksgiving we went to cut down our Christmas tree. We do this every year the day after Thanksgiving and always try to meet up with Chandler's aunt Cindy and uncle Dave and their two girls Ellie and Macie. Chandler's grandmother has been with us the last few years as we cut down our tree and she was with us this year also. Channing got to have her GREAT Grandmother with her as she cut down her first Christmas tree. We usually go to a tree farm in Van Alstyne named Wintergreen Farms but it was closed this year so they could have trees for next year. We decided to head out a little past Sherman and go to a tree farm named Elves Tree Farm. They had a lot of BIG/HUGE trees but after searching and searching we found the perfect tree for our casa!

Arrived at the farm... I am PUMPED... Channing is more interested in my awesome jacket!

Situating ourselves for the HAY RIDE to the tree fields!


Ellie (me and Channy) and Macie on the hay ride!

Ya... HUGE trees. It was like a GRISWOLD family Christmas tree! Ya, it was for sale!

Family Pic... AGAIN Channing obsessing over my awesome jacket!

Sweet Ellie and Channing

Ellie and Channing Layne searching for their perfect trees!

Chan and Chan

Which one will we choose?!?!

Great Grandmother and Channing Layne

And here she is!!! Its a BEAUT CLARK!

Making sure we get our tags off!

Channing insisted on helping her dad cut down the tree... She was a HUGE help!

I will post pictures of the tree tomorrow. This momma has laundry to do! A crawling baby doesn't leave us much down time during the day because someone likes to get into the dog food and water bowls now... and anything else she isn't supposed to! It is so fun though!

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